AMA Excavation, Drainge & Septic Services offer many services for Septic / Sewer Repairs & Installation. We offer services Septic / Sewer Line Repair in Langley & Maple Ridge. Septic / Sewer Line Replacement Langley & Maple Ridge. Septic / Sewer Line Blockage or Clog removal. Many times a Blockage or Clog can be damaged (driven over and crushed) sewer pipes that requires a repair replace. A Sewer Clog could be a result of fat being poured down sink or toliet, and/or mature tree roots around the septic field. Sewer lines that have become infiltrated with roots and have comletely filled the pipe space. therefore are causing the septic- sewer system to not work properly. Many situations like this cause the Sepitc-sewer systems, to back up into basement drains, toliets bubbling, sluggish drainage. We can come and take a look at your septic-sewer system problems and diagnose what needs to be done to get the septic-sewer system functioning properly. We serve Langley & Maple Ridge, Lower Mainland, BC. Best Prices.